The Audacity of Hope

Stephen Cross

The 304 million women and men who live in the United States are looking for a hero who can rebuild their economy, rebind broken diplomatic ties, and settle a war in the Middle East.  Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, has won the people’s respect and trust to solve these immense problems.  As stated in  “Rebuilding Rome,” the North Shore News editorial from Friday, January 23rd,  “there is arguably no to-do list in the world that could rival that of Obama’s.”  Nevertheless,  I believe that if Obama is able to accomplish even one of his many tasks there will be uncountable numbers of people that finally get to  sleep with that little bit of comfort they have been aching for, for so long.  But if Obama has taken on more than he can chew, the entire United States will soon be looking for a different figure in their lives to restore hope.  This is a visual representation of how much we and our neighbours to the South want from him.

Visualizing Hope


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