Choose Your Side

By: bganter

Dec 08 2009

Category: 1

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For the remix I thought I would put my own spin on how I think media and politics have taken over the normal lives of hard working average people. Media and politics make people choose sides even if he or she agrees or not. For example choosing to be anti war will make one seem like they are against the nation and in support of the terrorist, therefore in that case the person is powerless to choose the side she or he is put on. People are forced into choosing a side whether by other in power like the people in media and politics. No one is given the chance to pick the side that fits him or her best. “ You can’t have you cake and eat it too”. What I did was take breaking news headlines that oppose each other or in ways cause controversy and put them on different side which shows that nothing is ever perfect. Making seem that either side you choose will look the same and it will never be what is wanted. — Ali Tabarepour


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