I know who did this!

By: edithchen

Dec 08 2009

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There was a cat standing in front of the wig store located in North Vancouver. He was thinking to change his style for the coming Christmas party. Many of his cat friends and families are coming to his party. Therefore, he really took this event seriously. As he wondered what kind of style he is going for, several thieve were running away from the wig store with their bags full of wigs. As the thieve went by, one of the black wigs dropped on the cat’s head. Thus, the cat became the only witness for the crime scene. Anyone who has the information of the cat that wears a black wig should contact the RCMP at 604-985-1311.

By Edith.

The original source is from North Shore News. The published date is Sunday, December 06, 2009, and the title is “Thieves lift wigs worth thousands.”


One comment on “I know who did this!”

  1. even though you may not have intended it, i read your piece through the lens of one of the strange effects of the internet: it has compelled otherwise normal people to post photos of their cats doing human things. i fondly imagine your piece as a debunking of this phenomenon.

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