By: maria98406

Dec 10 2009

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No business like flu business

(i replaced the photograph  that is used in this article)

If you aren’t familiar with the World Health Organization (WHO) and it’s contributions to the H1N1 ” pandemic flu”,” then you may not fully understand my intentions with this remix. 

 The WHO is an institution established by the Rockefeller family ( :/) but this establishment, in essence, is a propaganda campaign thats advancing a global genocide.  H1N1 has created fear on a global scale and is a distraction in some ways.  Many do not realize that pandemic flues are periodical and on average  36,000 people are killed by a normal seasonal flu.  some how society neglects history which would support  that this isn’t the first time millions of people are effected by a flu.  this will turn into an essay so I cannot say much more; however, you should investigate  if youre interested in the above.

i can’t upload my damned (pardon my language, but im pretty upset) picture, so it’s here


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