Yes it can!

By: amybr

Dec 14 2009

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Original Article:

I read the above article and wrote a response in the point of view from a wise old man who read the article.

I read an article in the paper the other day called ‘Money can’t buy happiness…or can it?’ It got me to thinking about advice that I should pass down to the younger generations and what message I want to get across to them. Now I know everyone thinks advice from an old guy like me is going to be full of significant knowledge, how to reach those lifelong goals you’ve set, how to find fulfillment, how to reach happiness. It’s really simpler than you thought. Everyone spends their life just thinking that there’s something more. Something that’s going to fill that empty void in their heart, something that is going to make them feel like they’ve ‘discovered the meaning of life’. Everyone’s out there just trying to be the first one. The first one to have that feeling of satisfaction, that moment of victory where you feel you’ve conquered the world. Well I’d like to inform you, you’ve got it all wrong. This idyllic state of victory, it doesn’t even exist. Everything you’ve searched for your whole life, it’s been in front of you all this time and everyone has just been telling you to keep looking. All that drive and determination you have exerted, it’s all been a waste. This ultimate level of happiness is not quite what you are thinking it is going to be. I guarantee you’ve already reached that ultimate state of happiness however; everyone has you convinced you’re wrong. So here’s my big fat piece of advice. The missing piece of the puzzle. You’re just going to have to ignore all that new-aged shit about achieving satisfaction and living a fulfilled life. The truth is in fact, money can buy happiness. Let this be your inspiration to how you live your life. Of all the highs and lows I’ve reached in my life, I’m telling you that money is what makes the world go around. Maybe you are one of those under the belief that love is what makes the world go round? I believed that once myself but boy was I wrong. So supposedly the most important thing in the world is love? I mean next to money of course. Well I love money. I love indulging by spending money. I love the smell of money. I love pay day. I love depositing my pay check. I love having a wallet full of money. Hell I even like the feeling of giving money. Who doesn’t love money? Have you ever had a wallet full of money and been discontent about it? Have you ever bought a brand new bright red sports car and been unhappy about it. Have you ever bought your $3.5 dollar dream home with a pool and six car garage and not been happy about it? This is exactly my point. These moments define the highest state of happiness we will ever achieve, so enjoy them while you can and put an end to that search for something more. Whoever started this whole belief that money can’t buy happiness simply was shopping in all the wrong places.

-Amy Brown


One comment on “Yes it can!”

  1. you subverted my ‘wise old man’ expectations, for sure.

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