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Dec 15 2009

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Canadians should be happy that polygamy has finally been lagalized. Men all over Canada are enthused about the governments decision. Men say that they are ready to start a happier and better off life with their multiple wives. A recent interview with a current polygamist proves that legalizing polygamy has really made his relationships with his wives better. He says “You can never get sick of your wife when you have 5 of em. Wheneva I have enough of one, I go see the otha, and in a way this prevents conflict.” He also made a great point that; “Some men get sick of their wifes cookin’, I neva have to think about that problem cus I got so many wives to make me so many different kinds of dinnas!”

This “rotation of wives”, can truly be a remarkable concept. Men get stressed out when their wives are constantly telling them what to do, when they just want to sit down and relax. This stress can now be prevented when a man simply leaves the house of one wife before she gets a chance to nag at him. When he comes back to visit again, the chores are already done because he was gone for so long and she had to do them herself.
Not only is this great for men, but for women too. Women wont even have the opportunity to be hormonal; they will see so little of their husband, that when they do see him they will be ecstatic, cancelling out all those irritable hormones. Women will also have a load of their shoulders, because now they wont be worrying if their husband is out with other women, they will know for a fact that he is!

Of course this is a dramatization of a polygamous marriage, but I am oppose to the concept. I was reading an article about polygamy in Maclean’s, http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/11/20/what-canadians-really-believe-2/3/ The article rightfully stated that 9 out of 10 women, and 7 out of 10 males oppose polygamy. That 3 percent for men still seems imaginable, to a society where polygamous marriages are illegal. Although, in Bountiful, B.C., many males follow this way of life. Members of Bountiful are part of a breakaway sect of fundamentalist Mormons who do not recognize the mainstream church’s decision more than a century ago to end the practice of polygamy. Because they claim polygamy as a religious right conviction has been tried, and failed over the last two decades.

-Isabel Trzcinski


2 comments on “POLYGAMY LEGALIZED”

  1. the first part of this piece really reminds me of something from The Onion:


  2. The thought that one man-many women is the only form of polyamory (the correct term) is, well, ignorant. There are female peaked V’s, W’s, triads, quads, homosexual V’s and W’s, hub and spokes, interconnected hub and spokes… and a bout a dozen or so that I really don’t have time to write down.

    Not all polyamorists are Mormon, I would hazard a guess that only a small fraction are.

    I would give you a quote from the 90’s, slightly updated: “If you don’t like polyamorist marriages, don’t get one!” This is basically the same discussion, along with the same counterpoints as gay marriage.

    Child/wife abuse and forced marriages are red herrings. Overturning this law will not make either legal, so why do they keep being brought up? Yes, some polyamorists abuse their kids and wife, some force people to marry… but so do monogamous people, in FAR higher numbers. With it being illegal to abuse your spouse, what makes people think that it will suddenly be legal to abuse your second or third?

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