Rated F for Fail

By: germanvillarreal

Dec 15 2009

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Video games are meant to take you away from the reality of the real world. You enter an arena that is created by the game in order to be able to practice activities that may not be socially acceptable in today’s world. Appearances of educational games are increasing in supply.
There isn’t a problem if they are able to provide sufficient entertainment; however, GM is attempting to produce a game where young teens can ‘learn’ to drive. Seeing how they come about this will be interesting but I believe driving takes practice in real world situations or ridiculously advanced simulations.
This sounds like a game very similar to ‘Guitar Hero’ in the sense that you may feel for the general idea of how to play a guitar, but as soon as one makes the switch from plastic to acoustic some don’t even understand how to strum.
Hopefully the streets will remain safe after teens have played this game and have boosted confidence of their driving skills.
Many learning processes have shifted and there are now methods to teach yourself about almost anything. Lectures can be found online, and tutorials about anything possible litter the internet. Will the role of teachers and professionals change in the future?


German Villarreal


One comment on “Rated F for Fail”

  1. GM is missing out on a big hit game here: a mix between their “Car Hero” and “Guitar Hero,” where a famous guitar player — jimi hendrix, george harrison, or kurt cobain — rides in the car with me as the passenger-teacher and delivers driving instruction

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