H1N1 Get Your Vaccine Today

By: karleneo

Dec 17 2009

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I used this picture from a front page news article on The Vancouver Sun Tuesday, November 24, 2009 to show how the news has created a hype with H1N1. The media accumulated everyones minds with information of this mass destructive flu that is much worse then anything we have seen.  They do not promote the information that people have died from other seasonal flus, and the swine flu is not the first flu to cause death.

Karlene Ostrosky


3 comments on “H1N1 Get Your Vaccine Today”

  1. I agree that H1N1 was turned into a huge hype by the media which was not exactly necessary. Just like you say, there have been many other strands of flue which also ended in death for some. It almost seems as if the purpose of all this media attention was to make the population scared and get the vaccine. Should we just believe the media blindly and get vaccinated just because of H1N1 propaganda?

  2. I also agree with what you and Inga had mentioned about the hype created with H1N1. There are definitely other serious flus and diseases that need to be brought up to our attention as well. H1N1 had its peak moments, but eventually, the numbers of death went down. It was not that huge of a deal as the media made it out to be.

  3. I agree that H1N1 was blown somewhat out of proportion by the media. Sometimes, people fail to put things into perspective. Like you say, people fall victim to other seasonal viruses as well. Just because they are not well publicized does not mean that they aren’t happening. And if something is well publicized, not all the information being broadcast is always accurate. The media often causes people to jump to conclusions. Your images were well chosen- very eye catching!

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