You’re Bloated

This comic strip is from North Shore News about Federal Government’s cuts in the Public Sector. I decided to change “Civil Service” to “Elected Official” to make a point that the elected officials also need to slim down on spending and willing to scarify themselves as well. I wish I can photoshop and swap characters as well but that was almost impossible.

MP’s get raises every year (2006, 2007, 2008). MP’s did freeze their salary this year but that still doesn’t make me feel better. The Throne Speech, an outline for the House of Common’s agenda, overshadowed the 2010 budget by including an issue with lyrics in “O Canada”. Every news article on the Throne Speech was talking about reverting the text instead of focusing on real issues and the financial difficulties that majorities of Canadians face: job cuts, unstable economy, increase in deficit, etc. This attempt of blurring the real issue is another trickery that politicians often do, like how the BC Provincial Liberal passed the HST bill.

MLA’s for the Provincial Government are the same as well. A couple of years ago MLA’s decided to give themselves a raise and there was no one opposing even NDP voted in favour of the raise. And in spite of steep increase in deficit they don’t even consider lowering their salaries.

Now my real question is why can’t we have direct democracy?

It used to be impossible to have direct democracy. Not everyone can gather in the same place, listen each others arguments and share opinions. Thus we elected our representatives. However, with the internet, it is possible to vote on every issue. The public isn’t as dumb as what politicians say. The public only gets a ‘filtered’ version of the story so it can be stirred to the “right direction.” Lazere illustrates this by using the foreign financial aide example.

All government issues can be posted on a website. Then the citizens who are interested in will read and have a short test to demonstrate the level of their understanding. Their vote will be accounted according to the comprehension level. The direct democracy is achievable and simple. But for now we keep our objections to these “lazy” politicians who only work less than 120 days per year. Even then not every politician shows up.

People stopped voting because what these elected officials work for is their own interest not for our interest. It is sad to watch democracy failing to work for people.

Even though I saw this article on Sun 7th of North Shore News, when I was looking for it online, I could not find the source from the online North Shore News. However, I did eventually tracked it down to Victoria Colonist for the online reference. Click on Thursday March 4th. I did find this article on Weekend’s North Shore News but not in their archive. I had to look up the Victoria Colonists to find the exact source.



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