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By: amyangus

Mar 16 2010

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The Province.                                                                           Amy Angus

Remix Project

Voicemail could convict — or vindicate — Jackson’s doctor.

Conrad Murray sounds calm in message allegedly left around an hour into giving singer CPR.

Conrad Murray is being investigated in the murder of Michael Jackson. Many feel that he is guilty of causing the star to overdose. “The defence will argue that a call from Jackson‘s bodyguard, which according to police reports was left at 11:54 am., shows Conrad wasn’t in a frantic state to administer emergency lifesaving resuscitation to Jackson — who died from an overdose of anesthetic Propofol — at the time. Murray claims he administered Jackson with Propofol then went to the bathroom for two minutes, upon his return Jackson was unconscious.  Murray’s alibi seems almost unbelievable considering that he become completely unconscious in such a narrow timeline.  “Records submitted by the court claim the doctor was on his mobile phone for 47 minutes between 11 am to midday, while an emergency call from one of Jackson’s bodyguards was made at 12:21 pm.” Dr. Murray didn’t inform the courts of these phone calls and was obviously not concerned about calls from his patients.


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