Megan’s Remix

By: megscap

Mar 16 2010

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I used this image (gloves) from an article out of a recent Macleans special edition on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
The idea behind this “remix” project is simply the word “unite”. The symbolic and now iconic red mittens were a hot selling item that Canadian’s couldn’t get enough of. These gloves brought so much spirit to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that people from other countries were proudly wearing them. Could it be that the red mittens are a symbol of the 2010 Olympics?  The red mittens not only united a nation together, but most of all Canadians and their patriotism. Below is a link to the edition.


2 comments on “Megan’s Remix”

  1. I liked how you illustrated the red mittens with the word “unite”. I agree that this iconic item brought a lot of spirit not only to the Vanoc 2010, but also to the other countries. These mittens surely portrayed our sense of patriotism and nation together as a whole.

  2. yes I liked how everyone was wearing that red mittens and holding the flags.. It surely represented patriotism and brought whole nation together.

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