Running after the ball

By: adamhjoe

Mar 21 2010

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I got this picture from the Globe and Mail, in an article called, ‘No excuses for de Guzman.’ This picture represents the greed and importance of money, rather than the sport itself. As the soccer players are running after the ball, is it to shoot a goal, or to gain a higher salary? Of course money is an important aspect in people’s lives but maybe it is revolving too much around ‘just’ money. There are people making millions of dollars off these professional soccer games, however money allows people who have more of have an advantage. For example, access to better supplies, and training equipment. Sports itself was a game of fairness and sportsmanship but games today, seem too revolved around money.

Adam Joe


One comment on “Running after the ball”

  1. I like to quote “…is it to shoot a goal, or to gain a higher salary?” It seems like many professional athletes are just greedy with the money that they make. Instead they don’t show the love and enjoyment of the sport. For example, Sidney Crosby, at such a young age making good for money for his age and at the same time he spends his time and money for things like charity and health care for which he enjoys to do. There are few others that’s like him, but there are others that just enjoys the spotlight.

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