Olympics vs Paralympics

By: hb0411

Mar 27 2010

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I chose two images, one on the Olympics opening ceremony and one on the Paralympics closing ceremony, and put them together to give some point. I was wondering, how many people knew about the start date and an end date of Paralympics. Even though on The Vancouver Sun it says “Best Games Ever: Paralympics end in a blaze of glory”, it seems like Paralympics just faded in a silence. Everyone was cheering and celebrating for the Olympic Games and suddenly became so quiet for the Paralympics game. Through this image that I have remixed, I wanted to emphasize how big the Olympics event were for people, and how ignorant people were for the Paralympics.

Paralympic Closing Ceremony

Olympic Opening Ceremonies


One comment on “Olympics vs Paralympics”

  1. I completely agree with your remix and I like how you’ve emphasized the sizing of the Paralympics photo with the Olympic photo.

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