Ardavan’s Remix

By: Ardavan

Mar 31 2010

Category: 1, REMIX


I decided to do my remix project on the recent Toyota crisis. As most are aware Toyota is a very reliable car manufacturer for the past 20 years, and due to a faulty gas pedal the company has recalled millions of cars. This picture consists of various statements that was given in the past by reputable companies, however the irony of the story is Toyota’s old motto was “Moving Forward” and now its “Make Things Better”. I decided not to take a side of this story, but rather leave this for an open discussion. Headlines made in the past have given Toyota a very reputable name, but recently the media (fox) have been on a bashing rampage against the company. Do you think that this is happening in North America so people purchase American cars in order to revive they’re image? Also, note that this gas pedal incident is not as widely reported in Europe or other countries.

– Ardavan Ehteshami


5 comments on “Ardavan’s Remix”

  1. very cleaver and interesting, i did not know that they changed their motto, thats hilarious.

  2. This is awesome!! I also had no idea they changed their motto. Good point about how this incident hasn’t been reported much in Europe.

  3. Interesting post. I liked your point about this happening in North America so people purchase American cars. I think it is an interesting point, and we should really stop and think about this. Well done.

  4. Loved the broken T and irony used in this, interesting points on the american purchused cars and eruope.

  5. That is a cool remix. Moving forward. 🙂

    Nicely done.

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