I’m hatin’ it.

By: amydinh

Mar 31 2010

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Original Article from Vancouver Sun
Original Picture

This picture is inspired by an article I found in The Vancouver Sun, Thursday, March 11, 2010 about the mixed message from Olympian endorsements of fast food chains, in particular, McDonald’s. Athletes have a reputation of undertaking a healthy lifestyle through vigorous exercising and choosing nutritious meals for their strict diet. However, I find it ironic when I see Olympians sponsoring McDonald’s, because it defies their image and promotes unhealthy food choices for viewers and fans. I altered the picture above to show how most athletes are sponsoring McDonald’s for money and that they do not necessarily consume fast food as a part of their regular diet. Furthermore, with the Olympian endorsements of McDonald’s interferes with the government’s efforts in trying to promote healthy eating among youths.

Amy Dinh


2 comments on “I’m hatin’ it.”

  1. you have got a point there. I hate to say but the Olympic has turned into a commercial event.

  2. A good argument to show how bad mcdonald`s food is.

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