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By: spenjack

Mar 31 2010

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Mr. Harper, Why aren’t we keeping marijuana away from children by controlling it as we control alcohol and tobacco? Why are we encouraging gangs and crime by making marijuana so profitable? Why are you ignoring how ineffectual the current policy is?

Anna, from Ottawa

Dear Anna: My (‘my’ Government? I don’t remember Canada being a fascist regime) government wants very much to keep marijuana out of the hands of children. You may know that I told reporters last year that we “have to do something about the drug crisis in this country” and that since the Liberals started talking about decriminalizing marijuana “we have seen a rapid expansion of the drug trade.” Now I know that people who conduct surveys will tell you that most forms of drug use have actually been declining,(Wait, what? First the drug trade is rapidly expanding when the Liberals speak up, but then it’s declining at the same time) with the exception of cannabis, and that, in any event, cannabis is a much less dangerous drug than tobacco or alcohol(So you admit that cannabis is less harmful than two other widely used and legal drugs, but still you are against its decriminalization. Way to make sense). And I know, despite what I said, that there isn’t any good evidence that ties expansion of the illicit trade in cannabis to Liberal pronouncements regarding the possibility of decriminalization. (Again with the question dodging and Liberal bashing. Also, you didn’t answer the damn question!)

But I do think that we’re all entitled to our own opinions, irrespective of credible science(Of course we are entitled to our opinions, what we are not entitled to is to act on them! As the leader of a nation you can’t enact policies based on your OPINIONS). Take Stockwell, for example. He believes that the Earth was created by God in seven days. And if he wants to believe that, we should all respect his right to do so.

Your second question about profitability misses the point that gangs and crime would exist even if we took marijuana off the table. (Missing the point? Kind of like how you are missing the question?) There are plenty of other opportunities for organized criminal activity.(Your logic is mind boggling, ‘there will always be crime, so there is no need to attempt to limit it’) Yes, it’s true that prohibition of cannabis can put profits in the hands of young thugs but I’m quite sure that there are also plenty of very decent people who are making money from the trade in cannabis.(So, these very decent people selling a drug that you yourself said is less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol, they are criminals? Worthy of years behind bars? Instead of taxing cannabis, you want to waste tax payers money to keep these ‘very decent’ people in jail?! I’m not seeing the upside to keeping cannabis illegal) Your third question regarding the “ineffectual” nature of current policy unfortunately misses the mark again.(What mark are we talking about here? And why can’t you answer a single bloody question? According to your own sources the drug trade is rapidly expanding, so I think it’s clear your policy isn’t working. Or is this another opinion of yours irrespective of credible science?)

Our polling has told us that getting tough on people who cultivate marijuana is winning us votes. (It’s all about votes then. Brilliant, I didn’t know you could be so open about being self-serving with government policies) And I don’t think that policies that win governments votes are ineffectual. Our policies play well with an increasingly large population of poorly informed and somewhat fearful Canadians(So you base your policies off of what will net you the most votes, not what will improve society. And instead of working to educate the populace, you exploit its ignorance). And like Stockwell, these folks have just as much right to their opinions as you do.

Stephen Harper, your Prime Minister (Well I didn’t vote for you)

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The thought process that went into this remix is minimal. The remix project itself was confusing as sin, most likely my own fault but the end result is the same. That being; I had little idea what I was doing but not wanting to look a fool I refused to ask questions. So when I found this article, and found myself giggling at the contents, I picked it up and rolled with it. All I did was add little blips of text (Conveniently highlighted in red, like so) that are my thoughts on what our glorious PM is rambling on about. Keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions on the matter, and like Mr. Harper says; ‘we’re all entitled to our own opinions, irrespective of credible science’. That said, it is my opinion that this is an amazing REMIX project and I should get full marks for it.

-Spencer Jackson


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