An addictive personality drove Tiger Woods to the top of the golf world—will it also drive him out

By: joshallan123

Apr 02 2010

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He is obviously the best golfer in the game today—he may be the best golfer ever to play the game—but for Tiger Woods his fight now is not against the opposing players or with the golf course, it is with an acknowledged personal addiction.  And that will likely be the hardest fight he has ever undergone—especially since the only person he can actually have sex with likely has no desire to have it with him.

Tiger claims to be a sex addict.  What is a sex addict you might ask?  Of course we all know that a normal healthy male only thinks of sex occasionally, never watches pornography, and has no desire for sex with multiple partners. A sex-addicted male on the other hand, is one who thinks of sex often, occasionally watches porn, and desires sex with multiple partners.  Being a sex addict is what has prevented Tiger Woods from being faithful to his wife, and I hope she understands.

This horrible disease has become prevalent among wealthy and accomplished men.  It is unclear why wealthy accomplished men feel the urge to go out and try to have sex with numerous women.  This irrational behavior is becoming more and more common and it is our job as a society to help these poor souls.  No treatment has been successful at relieving these temptations thus far.  The only thing we can do is prey for these brave soul, and give our condolences to them and their families.


2 comments on “An addictive personality drove Tiger Woods to the top of the golf world—will it also drive him out”

  1. I wonder if he’ll ever get back all those sponsors he once had. Funny remix!

  2. Hilarious and clever, did you use the south park episode as insperation or did you just come up with this by yourself?

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