Janice’s Remix

By: jchow23

Apr 08 2010

Category: 1


My remix is based on an article I read in The Vancouver Sun titled “Amnesty slams China, Iran for execution toll.” I found it kind of silly that Amnesty International expected countries to be upfront about how many people they sentence to death in a year, especially if that country is politically unstable. In the article it says, “Amnesty said more countries were moving towards abolishing the death penalty, and others were limiting use of the practice,” that’s only true if countries don’t lie about it.

Unfortunately I can’t draw, so I used photoshop to combine other people’s drawings that I found on the internet to create a new comic.


2 comments on “Janice’s Remix”

  1. Great use of photoshop! love the comic and your point is very valid. I’m sure most political leaders would not take responsibility for killing hundreds or thousands of people, It would look bad on their resume.

  2. For some reason I can’t edit my post but if anyone wants to read the original article here’s the link:


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