He Loves The $potlight

By: vinnymac07

Apr 12 2010

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Picture: Bottom left Cristiano Ronaldo, Upper right Ronaldo Luis Nazario

My remix that I have chosen to do was from  The Vancouver Sun and i have decided to alter a picture from the article ” Ronaldo, Higuain put Real top for the ‘ Clasico’ ” and added a bit of other things to create a new image. The image is quite simple and self explanatory; Cristiano Ronaldo starring out in the crowd enjoying the spotlight, and how money had turned Ronaldo Luis Nazario into a fat slob.

My point that i want to get across is that, how athletes gets paid way to much for what they do. Yes someone may argue that it’s hard to become a professional at any sport, where it requires a lot of skills from an individual and you compete with hundreds of other athletes in order to get to the top.  But athletes are currently being paid millions of dollars a year and in my opinion i think thats just way to much.

Okay, so even though you make big bucks playing sport that your very skilled at, there are some people where they take it for granted and think they can go on a live in a dream. Take Ronaldo Luis Nazario for example, he was star forward for Brazil and made a big impact with his soccer career. Soccer was more than just a sport for him, he seemed to enjoy himself in the spot light (like Cristiano Ronaldo) and displaying himself in the media. Then during a time when he had some time off from playing soccer, with all the money he had, he goes out and spends money like crazy on partying and eating out. Sooner or later he became a fat slob, unfit to play soccer. This is to show how, even you are earning a lot of money from playing any professional sport, people shouldn’t just sit back and wait until next season, you should consistent  with your training, instead of being a lazy slob like Ronaldo.

Instead why not pay doctors more (even though they make more than the average income) or other jobs that requires such work but with low pay. For example i think police officers or firefighters don’t make enough for what they do because jobs that involves putting yourself at risk, you should earn more. Thats why jobs like Nascar racers makes ten times as much as athletes because it’s quite a dangerous sport and i think it’s a reasonable pay because if anything were to happen, hopefully the amount they make would be enough to cover for their accident.


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