Yelling won’t make the traffic move faster

By: bobslastname

Apr 12 2010

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North Vancouver RCMP are asking motorists to keep their frustration in check, and not get into pointless fights, while officers investigate collisions.
Police were forced to block the intersection at Lillooet Road and Mount Seymour Parkway during the March 24 afternoon rush after a Nissan Pathfinder struck a left-turning Jeep Cherokee with enough force to knock it onto its side. Fortunately neither driver was hurt in the crash, though their insurance will skyrocket.
“Although in this accident there were no injuries and it was very obvious what had happened, with all of the eye witnesses, we still need to do a slow and time consuming investigation,” said Cpl. Marlene Morton in a release. “Motorists were yelling and throwing water balloons, and staplers at our officers and other emergency service providers who were working hard at investigating the accident and, while taking their sweet time with it, trying to get the roads cleared. I am sure everyone would want an accident involving one of their loved ones to be treated the same, despite what they have done in this case.”
Morton added that yelling and honking ratchets up everyone’s frustration while doing nothing to speed the flow of traffic, although it could result in fights that get posted on youtube.

I chose to look at how people respond to crises on a daily basis. In this case it was a car accident that happened down the road from Capilano. Despite the severity of the situation and the fact it would be easy to take a detour, down Dollarton, people were complaining about a minor inconvienice by honking their horns at the people at the scene. So I decided to alter the text in the article by exaggerating what each side of the situation, the officers and the motorists were doing. Also for comparison click here for the original article.

Dylan Jensen


One comment on “Yelling won’t make the traffic move faster”

  1. Wow, I pretty much love this article. Normally when I’d see an article like this in a newspaper I would flip past, but you’ve made it refreshing by adding humour. Thanks for the entertainment 🙂

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