Backyard Chicken Plan

By: distanc3

Apr 14 2010

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Vancouver city council has endorsed a plan of imposing a ban on dogs and cats and automatically replacing existing pets with hens (limit of 4 per household while quantities last)

Among them are amendments to zoning and animal control by-laws, creating an online registry for hen keepers, safety and health regulations, and the creation of a city-run shelter for abandoned chickens. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will be renamed to SPCC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chickens) courses are available for basic chicken training which includes fetching, play dead and shake hand.

Under the proposals residents will be allowed up to four mature hens but no roosters. The chickens must be well cared for and coops should be properly ventilated and be large enough for the birds to dust-bathe and roost.

Supporters of this new plan, stress that this implementation will reduce the doggy breath, fur balls, lice/fleas and tennis ball thief within our city. Arguments against the backyard coops cited by staff in the report include: avian flu, rats, smell, noise, and salmonella but this is only a small price to pay. Also, the report states that chickens don’t squawk any louder than the average human speaks and are far more quiet than dogs.

The report cites numerous neighboring municipalities and other North American cities allow residents to have chickens.

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As I wrote this I felt how interesting for our urban city to have more emphasis on Chickens. Similiar to dogs and cats we’ll add money to support abandon chickens, like we do not have enough stray animals to deal with. Another thought that came to my mind was that, based on the article owners can not slaughter the hens, yet not keep roosters (possible noise concern?) how can this support sustainable food source…? Perhaps theses hens are asexual creatures. Clearly this implusive plan is full of flaws.


One comment on “Backyard Chicken Plan”

  1. this is probably one of the funniest things that I have read. And I support the allowance of chicken coops in the lower mainland

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