the New Brothel

By: Samantha R

Apr 14 2010

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VATICAN Brothel– The Vatican said on Tuesday Pope Benedict was willing to meet more sexual abuse victims, as he is sure there are hundreds more, but not in front of the media as he wants to make sure the victims feel guilty, and get their stories right first. He scoffed at calls that the pope should be arrested when he visits Britain in September.

Asked about this at a briefing on the pope’s trip to Malta this weekend, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi scoffed. All of the Church officials really like to scoff, in fact classes are held Thursday nights at 8:00pm for those who want to join.

“This is a bizarre idea to say the least, why on earth would we arrest someone for sexually abusing children? Surely all church officials actions are justified by the almighty. It looks like the intent is to make a public opinion splash. I think they should look for something more serious and concrete, for example a sex tape” he said.

The Vatican said last week that Benedict, who travels to Malta on Saturday, would be willing to meet more victims, as he had during his trips to both the United States and Australia not that this is a widespread issue.

The pope feels that meetings with victims should take place “in a climate that is intentionally set up to discreetly take away their media rights so victims cannot “tweet” details to the public, so he can have a real possibility to “communicate” personally,” Lombardi said.


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