A Celebration of Polluted Oceans Everywhere!

By: rachlunn

Apr 21 2010

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Focal Length:5.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:FinePix J150W

This advertisement was pulled from the April 16-18th edition of “Metro” Newspaper. The poster was advertising a new film from DisneyNature called OCEANS. I decided to do my remix project on this subject because I find it very interesting that anyone who gets a chance is utilizing the current “green” trend to sell, and promote their products. This advertisement was about a, “celebration of the beauty of our ocean environments” and I altered the image to read, “A feature celebrating the death of our planet”. I find that a lot of time is spent only showing the good or positive side of certain aspects of our lives and wanted to present an opposite point than the advertisement was suggesting. Although it is important to be amazed by the natural beauty around us, I believe that it is crucial for us, as humans, to understand the negative impact that our daily lives has on the natural world. My thought behind this remix was to display the way in which we are destroying the beauty of ocean around the world through pollution, greed and over-consumption. I remixed this image as an attempt to display the less than pretty truth that we must all face; clean up our acts, or risk losing our oceans and all of the amazing biodiversity that they hold.

Original Source-April 16-18th edition of the Vancouver Metro Newspaper.

Rachel Lunn


2 comments on “A Celebration of Polluted Oceans Everywhere!”

  1. I like your concern about a big global problem that many people try to ignore these days. My project is relevant to this problem as well. Good job)

  2. Hello Rachel,

    I totally agree with you. We like to believe that everything in our lives is “peachy” all the time and advertisements take advantage of our wishful thinking.

    I also find it despicable that the ocean is THE MOST IMPORTANT source of oxygen and biodiversity on earth, and yet, we continue to dump our refuse in its waters, over fish the population and pay little heed to the rapid disappearance of coral reefs and the species who live within them.

    Natural beauty does still exist. But it is being overshadowed by the neglect and greed of the human race. You have very effectively communicated this.

    Sam Riesco.

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