Dragon Ball Z

By: chanherman

Apr 21 2010

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Course: ENGL 100-18

Instructor: Professor Brian Ganter

Name: Chan, Herman                                                                                                                                   

After browsing through the selection of fabulous images on the site, I have chosen the image of people dressing up as characters from the japanese anime “Dragon Ball Z”. I shall start with the basics. While the image is of an ordinary photograph, the costumes the people are wearing are of significant colours. They are comprised of tangerine, bright blue, light green, and purple. These are all bright and upbeat colors. This brings a very special relationship to us because we all (well, most of us) know the story and the characters very well. The people in the picture are very playful as they dress up as their favorite characters. Ironically, the characters that they dressed up as are supposed to be dead serious as they are all extraordinarily skilled fighters and are constantly fighting to decide the fate of earth and the entire universe(either to destroy it or to save it from destruction). So the tone of the image itself is a dilemma due to the contrasting of the serious and playful tone. According to Plato, telling and showing are the two main forms of storytelling. This image is merely showing us something, because it doesn’t give us any cues as to how we should interpret what we are seeing.  This photograph is actually something common and every day, nothing exceptional and unique because people in Japan love to dress up as animation characters. We see several characters from the anime here: Sun Goku, the main character. Vegeta and Picolo, characters fighting on the main protagonist’s side but not really “good guys”. Frieza, one of the main antagonists of the story. All four characters are important in the story. However, the remaining two, YamCha, one of the good guys but very weak, and Raditz, Sun Goku’s brother who died near the beginning of the story are nowhere near as important. On the other hand, Sun Goku’s son Sun Gohan, who receives almost as much spotlight as his father, is not in the picture. This is a perfect example of what is missing in the picture. Which is why in my remix, I’ve added Sun Gohan.

This is the original work:

And this is my remix:

Son Gohan, he started fighting at the young age of three. By the age of five, he is already able to hold his ground against powerful adult fighters. The above picture shows him when he was 11, where he single-handedly defeated one of the most powerful villains in the story, Cell. Gohan was at his prime at that time. He was never as powerful as he was during 11. For when one is young, he may not be the strongest when comes to physical strength, but he is strongest when comes to will. In a fight, the strength is nothing, the will is everything. In Gohan’s case however, he is already physically stronger than a lot of adults, as can be seen by his physical built in the above image. In fact, his powerful far surpassed his brother, Son Goten and his friend, Trunks, and even rivaling his father, Son Goku. Goten and Trunks are unable to defeat Gohan even two against one. Young Gohan, however, was no match for Gotens, the merged form of Goten and Trunks. Who in turn is no match for the merged form of both of the fathers, Son Goku and Vegeta, the legendary Super Saiyan-jin.

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