North Shore News Weather – you are the change

We are at a turning point: What we once understood is failing to inform what we need to understand.  Global Warming is a term giving way to Climate Change, not for a failing relevance, but for a prevailing concern:  We no longer know what we know.  If the prediction of anthropogenic effects on climate come to fruition, then the most important characteristics in humans will be adaptability and survivorship at its most basic level.  With drastic shifts in climatic patterns, we can only hope that they will stabilize and once again become somewhat predictable.  Ironically, globalization may be our saving grace because it brings with it globally shared knowledge.  But knowledge is not the only factor in food security.


2 comments on “North Shore News Weather – you are the change”

  1. Looks like Real Estate prices in North Vancouver could sky rocket because of those rising water levels. 😀

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