Facebook Bitching

By: kvaughan2

Nov 19 2010

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Remix – Facebook – English 100

My Remix inspiration is “Company accused of firing an employee over ‘personal attacks’ on Facebook,” from page B28 of the November 10th issue of the Globe and Mail.

This article explores the legalities, according to the National Labor Relations Board, of imposing and enforcing policy within a company that  prohibits employees from posting critical or contemptuous comments when discussing their place of work or co-workers on Facebook.
The case in the article is the first one in which the Labour Relations Board has stepped in to support the law that social networking sites are protected activities for employees and that employers are in fact the ones violating these laws through punishing their employees.
The debate itself raises questions of surveillance and censorship. It highlights the impact that technology has had on overseeing and monitoring what was once bitching over the water cooler.

2 comments on “Facebook Bitching”

  1. i had a friend who got in trouble for posting things on her face book by her boss, seems like a complete invasion.

  2. I like what you are saying here…. I especially like the Facebook logo plastered over Big Brother, it makes powerful statement even as a stand-alone part.

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