love no matter sex

By: babyfatlost

Nov 20 2010

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Homosexuality is rising up in these days. People start to pay attention to them. However, a lot people cannot accept this relationship indeed.Homosexuality sometimes is treated as pathological relationship. I argued that this is a bias because they do not understand true love between gay. They are just like couples as boys and girls except they don’t have offspring. That is the way of life they choose. I don’t think we should judge that with our standard principles.



12 comments on “love no matter sex”

  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmm…….
    I believe there is something wrong because they don’t have the two physical parts needed to make it work. They just have two of the same, which doesnt work….. So why? why? why?
    Its like trying to eat a steak with two forks… you really need that knife to make it work. =D

    • Your ignorance is truly disturbing. First off you are basing sexuality and sexual practice on hetero-normatives which are something to be combated not adhered to. Gender identity and sexual identity are in constant flux with binary aspects (physiology) and social constructs. Much of your gender identity and obnoxious machismo are in fact socially constructed and so an open gay male is probably more at peace with himself then you, he does not pathetically collapse under the pressure of classic male ideals. Secondly your analogy or attempt at one doesn’t prove that homosexual sex is unnatural. It just proves that you have never had sex and have close to no knowledge of what it entails. According to your analogy the missing part of the equation is a knife and since you are relating it to heterosexual sex, you thus are comparing a vagina to a knife. Relating a vagina to a sharp and possibly fatal object just leads to the obvious conclusion that you are sexually frustrated or are projecting your own homosexual anxieties onto something else. Either come to terms with yours self or stop spreading your homophobic slander because you cant get laid. Your bigotry embarrasses the intellectual foundations of this blog.

      • An extremist like you probably should go see a psychiatrist. I did not mean that homosexual is unnatural at all. All I said is that there is nothing wrong with homosexual. It is wasting my time to explain to a psycho like you. Truth is that your ignorance and rude words embarrasses the intellectual foundations of this blog and the education that your parents gave to you. A misunderstanding interpretation on an article is acceptable, but swore like a trooper can only come from your vile mouth.

      • I think there’s a big misunderstanding here; jocowhit was referring to the post by vzeasy, not the original project above. I don’t understand how you can be so critical when 1- it’s obvious that you didn’t get the point of his post, and 2- what he said makes complete sense and is backed up with actual logic. If you need some help comprehending what he wrote, I hear Babelfish has a good translator.

  2. Original Poster: I think you bring up an interesting point. I am not sure about homosexuality “rising up in these days [sic]”, since traces of homosexuality can be found throughout history, such as those that can be found in Greek mythology. I believe that it has existed throughout time. I also find it interesting how you chose to take a photo of two brothers. I take that you are trying to show how two male individuals can be judged by society when they’re walking down the street. Two male individuals, whether friends, brothers, or of any relationship, walking together can be assumed by other people to be in a gay relationship. People shouldn’t judge; these assumptions should not be made.

    vzeasy: I strongly disagree with your comment. Love is more than just sex. I also can’t make a clear connection between your analogy and homosexual relationships. Just because two individuals are biologically capable of having traditional sex with each other does not mean that love is any more possible than with two individuals of the same gender. Also, homosexuality has been observed in animals. Yes, some male animals have sex with other male animals, and likewise with females. Advancement in our society is only possible if we get rid of all this bigotry.

    Actually vzeasy, please explain to me why. Why are the “two physical parts needed to make it work”? I would like to see some evidence to back this up.

  3. If you look into the history of homosexuality and study it through the lens of Queer theory, you may find historical data that supports the phenomena of homophobia in contemporary society. Seeking a more educated perspective may aid in alleviating biases and heated debates…or perhaps not.

    In looking to Willard Waller’s classic, The sociology of teaching (1932), ‘homosexuality was considered a disease infecting homosexuals” (1932, p.147). Homosexuals were not allowed to teach school because, “Nothing seems more certain than that homosexuality is contagious. Obviously, no school principal would desire someone who either infected children with a disease or fawned over them” (1932, p.147).

    Another interesting fact is that the American Psychological Association (as cited by Pinar, p. 52) only “removed homosexuality as a form of mental disorder in 1973”.

    Some food for thought…..

  4. Hey, good controversial Remix. However I don’t know if you are aware of the original news story or not? The men in the picture are brothers, not gay lovers.
    They are outraged about the cause of death of their 14-year-old sister, who they believe died of neglect… a very sad story. I guess I just don’t understand where the statement about same-sex couples fits in?

    If you are making a statement about “boy’s love” using this particular photo, you are really making a comment on incest.

    p.s. INCEST is the real “something wrong” NOT homosexuality…. are YOU listening vzeasy?!

    • Thanks for your interesting. However, if you read what is “remix”, you probably will not come with the same words.
      ” The basic goal of the REMIX is to create a new work of your own, one that is based on the “raw material” provided by someone else’s image, writing, or product brand. Your task is to generate a new meaning or commentary by putting that image, writing, or product brand (the “raw material” from the media source you have selected) in an entirely different or unexpected context. A Remix, therefore, makes heavy use of words or images that have been created by others, but in a new or unexpected fashion. Your Remix will be a combination of the original text, image or brand and the text or image that you have added or ‘mixed’ into it.”
      What we need to do is generate a new meaning with a existing image. Thus, I don’t have to care what the original context is. As long as the picture fits my commentary, it is then called a remix.

  5. Controversial,but I think everyone can have its own opinion.

    I think the debate underling a fundamental conflict between civilization and the continuation of civilization. Highly civilized communities will enjoy their highly developed technologies and freedom. Because of freedom, which by my understanding is that you can do what ever you want if it is harmless to others. Apparently,homosexuality hurts no one, thus no prohibition should be made.
    On the other hand, homosexuality is anti-natrue. “Anti-natrue” is utterly negative word. I am trying to avoid this word, but somehow that is the reality. There are three scenarios depend on if genetic codes involved. If gene has nothing to do with homosexuality, whatever causes homosexuality must be inappropriate;therefore, homosexuality is treated as pathological relationship. If gene is a cause of homosexuality, then that gene must be eliminated or inhibited, scince the homesexuality can not give birth and those genetic codes can not transfer to next generations or inhibited. It is fair to say the nature do not want homosexuality.

    Personlly, I have no idea if homesexuality is right or wrong, but I think time will find the answer.

    • “If gene is a cause of homosexuality, then that gene must be eliminated or inhibited, scince the homesexuality can not give birth and those genetic codes can not transfer to next generations or inhibited. It is fair to say the nature do not want homosexuality.”

      Actually, it was found in (various) scientific studies that fecundity of the mother is increased in a way that the fecundity of the homosexual male is taken away. In other words, the male becomes less fertile so that the mother is more fertile. Genetic population models were created to prove this point. Furthermore, studies have shown that the same ratios of homosexual males are present in MANY species, not just humans, which may show that such a proposed gene for homosexuality is most likely not deleterious. If homosexuality was such a hinderance with respect to genetics, it wouldn’t have lasted in constant ratios over long periods of time in many species.

      • thus that may be scenario one.
        but I have to point out that homosexual genetics codes (if it exists) may have other essential functions, and only will be activated and expressed at very circumstance. Nevertheless, nature will chose spore reproduction than homosexuality if given the chance.

        FYI, nature against homosexuality does not mean my opposition. As I said, humman right supports it.

  6. Homophobes are bigots, neo-nazis, and white supremacists. Hate speech against people with alternative life styles is a federal offense. We must empower ourselves with pro-awareness campaigns and continue to challenge the conventional wisdom of free speech in order for the neo-nazis to not be able to spread their hatred and bigotry.

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