The Toxicity of “Greenwashing”

By: jessie0384

Nov 29 2010

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I chose to remix this topic because it is upsetting and disturbing how often consumers are mislead.  When buying a product for ourselves or our children labeled as “green” or “all natural” we as the consumers believe that the product is safe, healthy, and made in a ecologically responsible way. Unfortunately this is not at all the reality. Most companies have jumped on the “green” bandwagon and are finding ways to trick conscientious shoppers into buying their products whether they are actually “green” or not.

Jessica Cairns


4 comments on “The Toxicity of “Greenwashing””

  1. Like febreeze! If you breathe in febreeze as soon as you spray it, it is deemed very toxic to one’s body. It can cause cancer, but than again so can everything.

  2. It’s so true! My friend is obssessed with the eco-friendly products, but I agree with you, I don’t find it is very much different or even undamaging to the enviroment, and it sure doesn’t benefit the enviroment!

  3. totaly! as a mum there are so many decitions to make about what to buy… when my daughter was small i baught her a “BPA free” SIGG bottle and it had BPA in it… it’s a hard game to play when consumers are being misled..

  4. As I a Chinese, I am a victim the toxicity of “greenwashing”. I probably have poisoned scince I was borned. 😦

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