Entertain Me

By: jacki19

Dec 05 2010

Category: REMIX

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We look back at Ancient Rome. At there public baths, incestuous royalty, and toga dresses for both genders.
What a strange people.

We look back at the Roman Colosseum. Man against man, man against beast. Gladiators that had to chose to fight or die all for the entertainment of the crowd.

What a violent people.

We are revolted to think that humans, a race we are a part of, could enjoy watching people die. We condemn them to being barbaric, uncivilized, unlearned, and disgusting. All the while ignoring the blood and gore in t.v., in movies, in games. People to this day place bets on dog, chicken, and bull fighting, watch UFC, and cheer on their favorite hockey players when they get into fights.

We are no better.

Jim Jamieson. “Passion – and pain – of the fan.” The Province Sunday November 28, 2010, Final Edition: C6.


One comment on “Entertain Me”

  1. I like this comparison, it illustrates the effects of perspective and context. Even within modern contexts, we are prone to judging based on our own social reality. The rings of Ancient Rome were honest: it was about watching a man attempt to survive impossible violence. It made a sport of torturing criminals. Along with the sports analogy, perhaps this Remix could be paired with a prison scenario where the laws of civil society are set aside or ignored, where psychological and emotional survival is against the odds.

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