You Can’t Cuddle a Gun

By: kylagreig

Dec 07 2010

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My remix project is about child soldiers in Africa. Reality is, is that the child solider epidemic is growing in African countries. These children and teenagers are just normal people trying to get by. The only way they are different from us is simple that they have been denied a childhood. Almost all areas that use child soldiers are places that are in constant conflict and war. Military groups in Africa are introducing murder and violence to these young children and getting more and more children into these armies. These children and easily manipulated into doing wrong in there young lives. I photoshopped toys onto the guns in saying that these children have most likely held a gun before they have held or played with a toy. War and violence is the only familiar things these children know since they have been introduced to it at such a young age.

By: Rhiannon Paterson


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