The Alcohol Industry’s ugly neglected sister… The Truth.

My Remix project/Culture-Jam is about the reality of the alcohol industry. Yes we are in university and yes drinking is “the shit” for many people; however, the adverse affect that alcohol has on our society should not be neglected or forgotten. I’m by no means saying don’t drink alcohol, I’m just revealing the fallacy that the alcohol industry portrays in their adds especially in the past and just as frequently in the current. Alcohol is not just cabin, beach or frat parties filled with topless men and women, naive and promiscuous girls, beer pong, kings cup, flip cup or any of the other many things alcohol commercials constantly sell to young people. It also has an entire culture around it which greatly favours men and their dominance over women, especially sexually, and is still the leading factor in the majority of domestic violences in Canada.


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